Welcome to the website for the Association of Funeral Celebrants Ireland (AFCI). We are a group of independent professional funeral celebrants who are accredited by the Irish Institute of Celebrants (IIOC). We have come together to offer people greater choice in the type of funeral ceremonies that are available to them. We’re committed to creating bespoke ceremonies that help you celebrate the life of your loved ones. Our ceremonies will help you remember them the way they deserve to be remembered. 

What Is a Funeral Celebrant?

A funeral celebrant conducts funerals or celebration of life ceremonies outside of a church setting, offering an alternative option for people of different faith backgrounds. The ceremonies created by funeral celebrants are very personal and truly reflect the beliefs, personality and values of the person who has passed away. As independent funeral celebrants, AFCI members have the flexibility to deliver ceremonies for people of all faiths and none. 

AFCI funeral celebrants don’t just carry out funeral/celebration of life ceremonies. We deliver graveside ceremonies, scattering of ashes and memorial services. Our memorial services offer a meaningful way to pay tribute to your loved one, on a birthday or a significant anniversary. They also give you a chance to say goodbye if you were unable to arrange a funeral at the time your loved one passed away. We can carry out our ceremonies anywhere: in a crematorium, at the graveside, in a funeral home or in any place that’s special to you and your family. 

How Our Ceremonies Work 

We know what a shocking and distressing time it is when someone you love passes away, and we will guide you every step of the way through the process of creating a ceremony for your loved one. As soon as we get the call to say that you are looking for a ceremony, we’ll arrange to meet you to talk about what kind of ceremony you’d like. 

We’ll help you choose readings and music, and we’ll find out what kind of person your loved one was. This will help us create a ceremony that honours their unique personality and contribution to the world. On the day, we will work closely with your funeral director to make sure the ceremony runs smoothly. We will deliver your ceremony with dignity, passion and respect. 

Who We Work With

Our funeral celebrants work with families who have lost a loved one and want to honour them in an authentic, personal way. Many people find us through their funeral director, but we also encourage people to get in touch with us directly to plan their ceremony. Have a browse through our directory of members to find an AFCI celebrant near you. In recent years, a growing number of people have started planning their own funerals. If you want to plan your ceremony, please get in touch. We will give you the power to decide how you will be remembered and give peace of mind to your loved ones, because they’ll know they’ve honoured your wishes.